ATA19 Program Announced

I’m pleased to announce the program for ATA19 in New Orleans, April 14 – 16. I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

A few words about the program: At ATA18 in Chicago, we heard the challenge “if all you do is replace a visit with technology, you’ll have sold the industry short.” In other words, telehealth gives us an opportunity to reimagine care. At EDGE18 in Austin, we embraced this challenge and focused our efforts on exploring innovation and doing more than replacing a face to face encounter. At ATA19, we will move forward to accelerate care transformation, hence this year’s theme: “the delivery experience is changing.”

In the spirit of transformation and innovation, we’ve taken a different approach to building the educational program for ATA19. Led by Alexis Gilroy, Chair of the Education Committee, and working with a group of terrific colleagues, we curated sessions to compliment the proposals reviewed and selected through our call for submissions. We have an incredible roster of plenary speakers who will engage in conversations around telehealth. We’ve enlisted industry leaders like Peter Yellowlees and Joe Kvedar to lead several sessions in their respective areas of expertise. ATA19 attendees will hear from payers, patients, and practitioners We’ll also discover how other industries are using technology to catalyze change and hear from industry leaders from our host city of NOLA as well as overseas.

The educational program will focus on defining the world we’re going to live in and taking actionable steps to meet this world on our terms as we redefine the industry. We must deliberately embrace telehealth’s promise for those who can benefit from it most: vulnerable populations, the aging, communities impacted by catastrophic events, and veterans.

Sessions will also explore how we can support a key partner in this endeavor – the practitioner. Practitioners are seeking improved patient experience and engagement, and resources that extend their capacity and allow for professional training to occur at its highest and best use. They need tools that support resilience and well-being.

Finally, we must continue to foster the kind of innovation and engagement that will advance the industry’s potential. ATA19 will explore the spectrum of emergent technologies, trends, therapies, communication modalities and science that will drive the next wave of telehealth solutions.

The ATA envisions a future where technology is used to extend the healthcare system in ways that break down traditional barriers to accessing care. We see a future where technology addresses clinical variation amongst and between markets, better enables practitioners to do more good for more people, and meets the needs of people who stand to benefit most.

The future for our industry and the ATA is exciting. We have a unique opportunity to accelerate transformation. The range of stakeholders, partners and leaders that will participate at ATA19 are the best equipped to move telehealth forward. You need to be there!

If you have not already registered, please do so here. And, thank you for your patience and for your support of the ATA.

Ann Mond Johnson