Mobile App

Download the ATA Conferences mobile app sponsored by American Well here!

The Mobile App for ATA2019 is live!

ATA19 app sponsored by American Well is live! Discover what’s happening, plan your agenda, and start connecting with others. This app will be your go-to guide during the conference, so be sure to keep it handy.

If you have any issues with the download button, you can also download the app by typing the following link directly into your devices browser:

For new users of the ATA Conferences App:

1. Download the app from your App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Enter your email address: After the app has downloaded, open it, tap “Get Started” and enter the email address used to register.
3. Access your email address on your device: You will receive an email from ATA Conferences. Tap on the button “Activate ATA Conferences App” and the activation will start.
4. Allow push notifications: these will inform you about latest updates and more.

For attendees of previous ATA events:

1. Open your ATA Conferences App.
2. Scroll to the bottom of your side navigation menu and select “see all” or “My other events”
3. You are now in your events list, if you see the 2019 event, tap the icon and the content will begin to load. If you do not see the icon, continue with the following steps.
4. In the upper right hand corner, tap on the plus sign.
5. You will now be prompted to enter your email address. Please use the email that you registered with.
6. Access your email address on your device, and open the ATA Conferences email.
7. Tap the Activate ATA Conferences App button in the email and you will be re-directed back to your app as it begins to load.

The ATA Conferences Web App:

You can also access all meeting materials using the ATA Conferences Web App, where you will be able to find all of your saved notes, documents and business exchanges, for download after the conference. Check your email for a link personalized to you!

Helpful Tips

• You can use this link to install the app on multiple devices, e.g. your phone and tablet.
• Your link above is personalized. Please do not forward to others.
• We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi network or unlimited plan to download the app. Downloading while you are on data roaming abroad may cause some steep roaming charges. The total download is approximately 50MB.
• When you start the app while your device is connected to the Internet, it will automatically download the latest updates.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at or find an on-site event team member.
We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!