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What a program! Our newly released program overview offers a comprehensive mix of all the latest findings in telehealth.

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For a preview of what you can expect from the ATA19 program, check out these podcasts featuring a number of ATA19 speakers.

David Inns | CEO of GreatCall

Greg and David talk about the evolution of telehealth and remote monitoring for seniors that’s enabling people to live healthier lives at home – enriching the lives of seniors through technology.

Toby Cosgrove, MD | Executive Advisor to Google Health; Former CEO of Cleveland Clinic

Greg and Toby talk about the future of big tech in healthcare. As an executive advisor to Google’s healthcare initiatives and to his former organization, the Cleveland Clinic, Toby has fascinating insights about where and how technology companies can help hospitals make meaningful improvements in the ways care is delivered.

Karen DeSalvo | Professor of Medicine and Population Health at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

Greg and Karen talk about how our model for reimbursing healthcare, telehealth and the social determinants intersect – and how Hurricane Katrina became a galvanizing moment in American health policy.

Joe Kvedar, MD | Vice President, Connected Health at Partners Healthcare

Greg and Joe talk about the evolution of the concept of “telehealth” into one that already is a part of mainstream care & will soon break down all distinctions between live and virtual, real-time and asynchronous and seamlessly guides the patient through the process.

Margaret Laws | CEO of Hopelab

Greg and Margaret discuss the needs & expectations of children and adolescents as they relate to healthcare, and how current models of care are actively being challenged by organizations like HopeLab.

Nate Lacktman | Partner and Chair of Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team at Foley & Lardner

Greg and Nate talk about how law and policy can either help or hinder necessary innovation in healthcare, and why he’s optimistic that they’re finally beginning to catch up with the rapid pace of healthcare innovation.

For more, visit the DataPoint show page at http://touchpoint.health/shows/datapoint/.